Arthur Mebius Photography B.V.
Jan ter Gouwweg 1
1412 HA  Naarden
The Netherlands
+31 6 5588 5812

represented in Germany by SOLARUNDFOTOGRAFEN



You made it all the way here, so you probably love images like I do. 

I specifically love telling one frame stories with a single image showing you past, present and future. Moment in time stills of people confronted with the situation they happen to be in. The stories that I like to shoot can be funny, curious, compelling, or all at once.

So if you have a creative idea that should be executed as a one frame story, I am your man. Working for over 15 years with small and bigger advertising agencies has given me the experience to think ahead in the creative production process of photo and film (yes, I also shoot 25 frames per second when briefed accordingly). In short: I know what it takes to satisfy your client.


I am proud to tell you that my work is rewarded at Cannes, ADC Germany, ADC Switzerland, ADCN The Netherlands, EPICA, D&AD, NY Festivals, Color Awards and other.